Genealogy research is exciting, sometimes thrilling even; but it can also be time consuming, frustrating, and costly.

My first membership to in 2012 cost me $77.70; at a time where I should have put that money toward bills! Through my research, especially early on, I came upon so much misinformation, so many roadblocks, and often felt defeated. On several occasions I looked into seeking help from the professionals, to get me through those roadblocks, but it was always too expensive and simply out of my reach. Instead, I would continue with my research through annual subscriptions and piecemeal costs that I could cover throughout the years. I recall thinking how much I wish there were a more affordable option for help. I did not necessarily need or want someone to do all the research for me; sometimes I just needed help on one person or finding that one piece of information that would break through and open the next branch for me. That is what I hope to do for you. If you want someone to build your entire tree out for you, I am not that person, not right now at least. Instead, I am a fresh set of eyes. What has you stumped? Where are you stuck? Are the countless Williams and James’ in your tree driving you crazy? I am here to help.

I do not claim to be a professional genealogist, I have no formal training in the subject, and I have a day job that limits my research time to evenings and weekends. What I do have though is my own experience and the tools and tricks I have learned along the way. Between 2012 and 2022 I have spent thousands of hours on my own tree as well as those for several friends. I have spent over $5,000 in various subscriptions and database access and have learned which ones were worth it and which I should have avoided. Go ahead and hit the CONTACT US button and let me know how I can help. I strive to provide you with an affordable option to assist in your genealogy research.